Occasional posts as thoughts occur...nothing grandiose or earth shattering, but musings decorated with images to add some dash.

Where Will You Be, 1/1/3000?

March 08, 2017
No one living today will be around on January 1, 3000 to see the opening of the Time Capsule standing at the Weston Pavilion entry to the Natural Museum of History, NYC....
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Spring Won't Be a Little Late This Year

March 01, 2017
Or so it seems, if one uses as a barometer the flowering cherry blossom tree in the Crab Apple Grove in Riverside Park, NYC. Passersby gazed in astonishment at the floati...
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Steppin' Out with My Baby

February 22, 2017
In this case the "baby" is Lensbaby Velvet 56, an amazing lens that creates dreamy images with the lens wide open and then sharper ones as you close it down. New learning...
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Shadowed Tangerines

February 08, 2017
Yes, a flash can make a difference in the image photographed. Tangerines resting in a bowl take on a new appearance when shot with a flash. More menacing perhaps with the...
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Lemons and Lighting

January 26, 2017
With lighting and macros, lemons take on an allure. Using a slave flash on closeups of lemons with sterling silver miniature figures, I created some fanciful scenes. More...
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