Occasional posts as thoughts occur...nothing grandiose or earth shattering, but musings decorated with images to add some dash.

Shadowed Tangerines

February 08, 2017
Yes, a flash can make a difference in the image photographed. Tangerines resting in a bowl take on a new appearance when shot with a flash. More menacing perhaps with the...
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Lemons and Lighting

January 26, 2017
With lighting and macros, lemons take on an allure. Using a slave flash on closeups of lemons with sterling silver miniature figures, I created some fanciful scenes. More...
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Day Jaunt

January 17, 2017
Just a Day Jaunt to visit Storm King, closed to the end of the month, unfortunately. Yet, there were pretty sights on the way, hikers, rushing streams, even a big barn on...
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January 10, 2017
With the first snow, capturing flakes is an aim, A fast shutter speed helps. So pretty are the snowflakes against passersby hurrying to get home.
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January 08, 2017
First serious snowfall. Sledders out; sky blue; clouds puffy. Cold air and bright sunshine made the morning bright and sparkling.
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