Occasional posts as thoughts occur...nothing grandiose or earth shattering, but musings decorated with images to add some dash.

Preparing for an Exhibition

June 25, 2017
Preparing for an exhibition at St. Agnes Library, a branch of the New York Public Library. Stay tuned.
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Tiger Lily Burning Bright

June 21, 2017
Tiger Lily burning bright Stamens, pistil in my sight Scalloped petal and orange glow With veined magenta stripes below.
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Ninety Plus Degrees and Jump Roping

June 14, 2017
Over ninety degrees in NYC and an intrepid young woman exercised under the hot broiling sun. She jumped rope continuously, then lay down on the ground for some leg exerci...
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Dappled Light/Street Life

June 11, 2017
Grocery shopping in sunlight makes for interesting light patterns on consumers and workers. Outdoor stands laden with fruits and vegetables attract the shoppers, although...
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Riverside Park Current Blooms

June 02, 2017
Peonies and roses in vivid hues, magenta the peonies, orange-pink blend the roses, and a floral pink spray of tiny florets are currently blooming in Riverside Park Commun...
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