Paul Klenk(non-registered)
It took just a moment, but when I took a close look at your dancing bluejay published in The New York Times Metropolitan Diary, my breath was taken away and my knees went weak. 17 syllables clued me into the detail, the movement, and the exquisite story in the photograph. Then Google led me to more of your work, and now I am so glad to have the opportunity to know you. Thank you for sharing your passion, skill, and quest for beauty.
Jean-Paul Benowitz(non-registered)
Absolutely love your photography. Years ago you were a guest speaker at Spring Valley Junior High School. You gave a presentation with images. You were my AP European History teacher at Spring Valley Senior High School where you illustrated lectures with amazing images if art and historic photographs. You are the reason I majored in history, earned my PhD and have made a career as a college history professor & I use power points featuring historic images everyday. I take my students to art museums and guide them through as we interpret the art in a historical context. You are amazing! Thank you so much!
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