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Orchid Color Wash

March 31, 2014 - Seeking the diaphanous quality of my ever-blooming phalaenopsis, an orchid that just keeps giving. How do you photograph...
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March 30, 2014 - The heart of the matter Is elusive to be sure It lurks in the interstices Patently obscure
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Yellow-legged Gull: A Fine-Feathered Friend

March 28, 2014 - A fine-feathered friend Eyed me swiftly once over And then winged aloft
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Turtle Pond's Edge

March 26, 2014 - Birds bathe, pale reeds grow, and geese ripple V's to the Turtle Pond's edge. A calm pervades where a lone leaf floats a...
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March 24, 2014 - Fine fancy city with bold eminence of Polish General Tadeusz Kościuszko, who fought in the American Revolutionary War, a...
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The Mystery of Images

March 22, 2014 - Where imagination invokes free play. To invent threads of meaning In shifting patterns leading... Bulky forms in soft...
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Spring Has Sprung in Central Park

March 20, 2014 - First day of spring in Central Park. Sparrows, snowdrops, and daffodils announce the opening act of a season that will p...
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Central Park's Facebook Page

March 19, 2014 - Nice to be acknowledged on Central Park's official Facebook page on the theme of last day of winter, 2014. Such a nice n...
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The Joy of Child's Play

March 15, 2014 - On a mild sun-warming afternoon, Central Park's playgrounds fill with children engaging in play. Imagination reigns supr...
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No Sign of Spring, Part II (Riverside Park, NYC)

March 13, 2014 - All muted gold and burnished Needs some cleaning up Branch arms outstretched Ready to slip on springtime wear
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No Sign of Spring (Riverside Park, NYC)

March 12, 2014 - No sign of spring But looks can be deceiving Snow-weeping ground cover And leaf-bare branch trees. Have faith in the...
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Running in the Rain

March 11, 2014 - A sudden downpour, unexpected. Quick ensembling of white and yellow vinyl plastics creates pterodactyls in scurrying fli...
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Sun Up High in Central Park

March 08, 2014 - Strong morning sunshine and snow melting away. Icy ground cover patches dissuade visitors to the open playgrounds. Too m...
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Lil Gafer, so Inspirational!

March 06, 2014 - Lil Gafer is ninety-two years life-experienced. A former singer, antique dealer, tea shoppe owner, and artist, replete w...
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Cold Benches

March 03, 2014 - Picnic tables bare Cold benches on the lookout For warming sitters
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