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Lil Gafer, Still Inspirational

May 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Lil Gafer is an amazing woman. At ninety-six, she is vibrant, energetic, and companionable. In her fourth floor walkup on the East Side of Manhattan, she continues to draw and design for friends and for her personal pleasure. Her apartment is filled with photographs that illustrate the richness of her life as self- taught artist coupled with innumerable friendships and warm memories of her past. She defines herself as Independent, gay rights activist, feminist, gambler, lover, and artist. There is an earlier blog post on Lil, March 06, 2014, if you wish to view it. _5180085_5180085OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Lil's artLil's artOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA _5180066_5180066OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA _5180042_5180042OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Fashion Designer 2Fashion Designer 2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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