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Just the Bluejay

July 06, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The bluejay deserves a gallery of its own. The bird swoops and sits, often posing for seconds while chirping its tweet. It is difficult to catch its flight, so sudden, swift, and unexpected. With patience, however, I have managed to photograph its wingspread and occasionally some blurry flight. Its blue colors are so vibrant, mixed with the lighter  blue and white checkered pattern on its tail. In one image it appears to be doing a Fred Astaire time step. What a performer! Sudden FlightSudden FlightOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA collage with wing spreadcollage with wing spreadOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Blue Jay ProfileBlue Jay ProfileOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA bluejay glancingbluejay glancingOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA bluejay wing spread copybluejay wing spread copyOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA two winged bluejaystwo winged bluejaysOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA bluejay on slantbluejay on slantOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA P6120161P6120161OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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