Places to sit, in all the seasons of your days and plaques to congratulate, encourage, and remember. A colleague on PBase told me how surprised she was to find out about these plaques on benches in NY. She wrote, "For me it was a new thing that benches can be made to honor somebody.. somebody's memory.. have not seen such benches in Finland." These come from Central Park. Others may find them interesting and wish to read them. The general cost to "adopt a bench" is $7500.
P3280059P4050092P4050091P4050090Glowing BenchP3020002P3020001P3020004IMG_7075fall benchWharf BenchLove BenchBench in a MeadowTwo-seater over Lake Mohonk BenchSun Halo BenchFacing the Hudson BenchTwo on a BenchUnder the Golden Canopy BenchPagoda BenchesGravel Bench